NEO Investment Partners


Writing beautiful stories

We exist to help entrepreneurs write beautiful stories. 

Our values define us and will never change:

  • Appreciation for quality: we proudly represent and genuinely enjoy the brands we back. Not because they are partners – because we love what they do.
  • Cultural sensitivity and borderless outlook: We are ambitious, multicultural and intensely curious people.
  • Fascination with creativity: we admire the creative mind and the impact of creativity in enriching life for everyone.
  • Respect for Entrepreneurs: we feel inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit and work hard to support risk-takers and darers.
  • Humility at our core: we love listening, sharing and learning to progress always more.

Capital is only one part of the equation and it is not the reason why entrepreneurs partner with us.

Over the years, we have nurtured a deep international network across fashion, hospitality, food and beverages, design, fragrance and luxury accessories industries which we put at the disposal of founders and management. We are active partners and our experience allows us to provide a different perspective. Our team is not only committed; it is passionate.

We aim to be the best partner for entrepreneurial brand growth in the world. With roots in Europe and international ambitions, NEO is looking forward to working hand in hand with the entrepreneurs who will lead the cult brands of tomorrow.