NEO Investment Partners



Key stages to a successful partnership


Analyze & Understand

Conduct a global brand DNA analysis: we start by getting to the root of the brand to understand what makes that brand so desirable to its fans and understand the ‘why’ at the core of the brand. We encapsulate that brand's identity, defining its most relevant unique propositions. We then test and refine the brand to adapt it for different markets around the world.



Develop a global brand strategy, business plan and detailed action plan: once the brand is fully understood and its messages have been refined, a tailor- made vision is built that is developed into a highly focused strategy. We then draw up a very detailed action plan to execute that strategy.



Build a strong brand and business foundation to support international growth: the initial period following our investment is dedicated to building on the brand's DNA to strengthen the company's foundations in its home market so that future growth can be both controlled and profitable, globally.



Kick off the multi-channel roll-out, consecutive or concurrent in appropriate key markets: we define the priority markets and grow the brand selectively. Brand message delivery, product offering, consumer experience, operations and governance are all part of the carefully crafted strategy to grow the brand with solid local market know-how in all business disciplines.



Review, reassess and keep strengthening the foundations as required: we continually review the global brand strategy quickly and efficiently. We never forget that consumer desirability goes hand-in- hand with business strategy and execution to nurture non stop the cultural movement.